Petition in Parliament filed in 2005 for Votership Right

Petition by 137 MPs

137 MPs had given notices in Parliament of India to make a law on Votership Right. This was a historic National Interest Petition of Mr. Vishwatma alias Bharat Gandhi and others. The MPs mooted the issue that when the people voted them to make MPs and consequently they are getting allowances and pension lifetime, the voters should also get some cash money on regular basis as salary/allowance/ dividend from the national income created by machines, natural resources and by laws. In a petition submitted by above said 137 MPs, the above said amount to be paid to voters has been called ‘ Votership ‘ on the lines of term scholarship. Some people call it Voters’ Pension also.

Parliamentary Committee Examined and approved

A committee of officers of Rajya Sabha Secretariat was constituted under the chairmanship of a senior officer Shri Deepak Goel to examin the proposal of the Votership Right. The Goyal Committee; after long deliberations, accepted the proposal of the votership in its report dated 2nd December, 2011. Consequently the voters of the country won their case of Votership Right on the forum of parliament. But under the pressure of the billionaires of AB Mentality, the head of political parties opposed the proposal of Votership Right funded by them. For this reason, the Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha again kept the matter in cold storage. The Secretary General of Rajya Sabha suggested that the matter should be considered by the Lok Sabha. Thus the matter is still pending in Parliament since 2005 for approval.

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