Benefits of Votership Right

Control over Crime & Population
  • The amount of votiship will effectively curb both; the crimes and the chaotic population growth caused by economic constraints and illiteracy .
Control over corruption
  • Corruption will be curbed effectively. Because people will stand on their feet, the government departments will be minimized.  

Honesty in politics 

  • The votership will motivate honest people to work in politics.  The new generation of politicians and political reformers will curb corruption in the field of politics and market. 

Control on economic disparity

  • If the money of voters’ which have been reached in hand full richmen will be distributed back amongst voters’, the severe economic disparity will be controlled

Dignity of life for all

  • The proposal of the Votership Right will provide an opportunity of dignified life for those who are reserved by laws for remaining under low living standards even after hard work. 

Affection for the nation

  • Just as economic help inculcates a sense of love and affection for parents in children, similarly the amount of votership will inculcate the affection for the nation in the voters’. 

Independence of SC & ST

  • The amount of votership will empower the poorer sections of the scheduled castes and tribes and consequently the dependence upon the politicians will be ended. 

Protection to talents

  •  The votership will protect the talents born in poor families, who are being assasinated in large numbers today. 

Acceptance for democracy

  • The amount of votership will make democracy acceptable to more people and increase the voting percentage.

Relief and rehabilitation in case of natural disasters 

  • In the natural disasters the autometic relief and rehabilitation system will be evolved because the insurance companies will come forward looking the regular income of votership.

Problem of unemployment will be solved

  • The mental disability of the nation moaning of unemployment will be cured. With the brain of all youth will be regenerated  consequently the India will rise again and stand in the line of the leading countries of the world. 

Rule of law over multi-national Companies

  • Multinational companies will now be taxed to give votership, so the country’s money will not be looted abroad. 

Democracy will no longer be accused of economic slavery of majority

  • The votership will insure the development of democracy, as democracy will no longer be accused of economic exploitation of majorities by economic minorities.  

Employment Growth

  • If people have money, the market demand will increase and new factories will be taken up to meet that demand. To distribute the money of the votership, the banks will have to open branches in all villages they will provide employment to the people.  

Problems of dowry and prostitution will be solved

  • The dowry death of many will be curbed due to the income of every girl. Involuntary prostitution will get rid of it, because now the compulsion of money will be eliminated.