What is Votership Right
All voters' of Above Poverty Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line (BPL) of India may be able to get up to Rs. 8000 every month by the government (at the prices of 2020), If the National Income generated due to the earnings of machines, natural resources and existence of laws get distributed equally. This share is called "Votership".

Share of earnings by laws' in the Gross Domestic Income (LGDI)

Share of earnings of machines' in the Gross Domestic Income

Share of natural resources in the Gross Domestic Income

Documents on Votership Right 

137 MPs had given notices in Parliament to present petition of Mr. Vishwatma Bharat Gandhi to grant Votership Right to all voters’. 

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If the Goyal Committee report was accepted, every voter would be getting Rs. 8000 per month (at 2020 prices).

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Shri Vishwatma Bharat Gandhi and others moved a proposal to grant  votership right in 2005. The matter has been pending in Parliament since 2005

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